Spanish level test, aptitude test and academic report

Language test

Before coming to Granada, every student has to make an online Spanish language level test according to the instructions that our school has previously sent to the sending Institution. This exam is very useful for our teachers who can have an idea of the incoming students' Spanish level. With this information and the chaperons' suggestions the Head of Studies can decide which contents and aims will be mostly taken in consideration during the language stay.

Aptitute Test

If the chaperon-teacher wishes, at the end of their stay students can submit a final exam. Students who pass this exam receive either an Attendance Certificate and an Aptitude Certificate. Student can take this final exam at the end of any stay, but we reccomend it only to those who stay at least 2 weeks.

Academic report

The last day of course chaperons-teachers receive a report stating:

  • Starting and ending levels
  • Course contents 
  • Teaching materials
  • General and particular comments about the group and about individual students (if required)
  • Personal evaluation of each of the students of the group. If chaperons-teachers don't inform us in a different way, in a classroom there are maximum 10 students. Thus chaperons will receive one academic report per group.
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