Accommodation in Granada

The week's stay begins on the Sunday before the start of the course and ends on the Saturday just after the end of it. It's necessary to pay extra nights coming or leaving on different days.
We suggest to choose the Spanish homestay accomodation in case the group is under age: in a double room, with half/full board. It's possible to stay in a single room by paying an extra charge.

Accommodation in a Spanish family
People we choose as family are totally reliable and with experience in it. Their relationship with the students is really homely to help the student to feel integrated in the Spanish life. Families will keep in touch with the groups guide and the school in case of problems.

Student has to respect  the family's uses, the mealtime and the time to go back home in the night (the school decides). This time can't be change for any reason except for the organization of activities by the school; in this case the school will inform the families.
If the students went back home in late, he/she will have to inform the families and justify his/her late.

The students organization in the different families will be done according to their special needs, like allergies, feed uses and any other information given to the school. The group coordinator will get the families address in advance and a brief description about it. The Spanish families will receive all the information about the students they will give hospitality to too.

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